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#FOAMed Review 15th Edition

Michael Macias

Welcome to the fifteenth edition of the #FOAMed Review! The idea of the FOAMed review is to give you a digestible selection of reliable content from the online EM/CC world that you can fit into your busy weekly schedule. Each review will include highlights from the highest yield blog, podcast, video and web sources around. Over a year's span we will be sure to include topics from all core EM content areas...even the ones that may not be the coolest. Check out our indexing section #FOAMED REVIEW which allows you to view previous weekly reviews by edition or by selecting from CORD curriculum categories.

Onto the FOAMed. 

BIMANUAL LARYNGOSCOPY [BLOG]: Add this technique to your armamentarium to improve your views during intubation. 

THE ARISE TRIAL  [BLOG]: "Another nail in the coffin for EGDT." Thorough discussion of the ARISE TRIAL, at The Bottom Line, which reminds us that we don't need CVP, liberal blood transfusions an dobutamine improve outcomes in sepsis. 

POSTERIOR SHOULDER DISLOCATION  [BLOG]: Great review of presentation, imaging and reduction technique of posterior shoulder dislocation at Boring EM. 

APPENDIX ULTRASOUND  [VIDEOCAST]: Ultrasound Podcast is back with two FRESH podcasts about nuances in ultrasound for appendicitis. The cecum is your friend...Learn more below. 

Part 1          Part 2 

More FOAMed.

Cardiovascular Disorders

PERICARDITIS VERSUS STEMI [VIDEO]: Diffuse ST elevations does not always mean pericarditis. You need to RULE OUT STEMI first. BAM!


ACUTE VISION LOSS  [BLOG]: Do you dilate your patient's eyes? Should we be dilating eyes? What should we be looking for? When should we not dilate? These questions answered at the Mayo Clinic EM Blog. 

Toxicologic Disorders

DESIGNER DRUGS  [PODCAST]: If you thought cocaine, heroin and good ole meth was enough then think again. The Poison Review brings us an excellent update on the available 'designer drugs' on the street and what expect to see in the ED.  

Infectious Disorders 

INFLUENZA [BLOG]: Influenza season is around the corner,  take 10 minutes to review this topic including stats, prevention, work-up, management and more at EM Docs.

See you next week. 


#FOAMed review is brought to you by Michael Macias. If you want to recommend content you think should be added to our curriculum, send me an email, I would love to hear from you.