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Chicago, IL


Figure 1 Image of the Week #3

Michael Macias

A 39 year-old woman presented with this nodular rash and an insidious onset of shortness of breath. A chest X-ray was obtained as shown above. What is abnormal finding on the chest x-ray and what is the syndrome that culminates the imaging finding and rash together?





Image of the Week - Löfgren Syndrome

This is Lӧfgren Syndrome, which is the manifestation of Sarcoidosis which includes 
erythema nodosum, hilar adenopathy, and arthritis. With this very specific 
presentation, a diagnosis of Sarcoidosis can be made without a biopsy. 
Fortunately, this form of Sarcoidosis has an excellent prognosis and can be 
managed with NSAIDs.

See more cases like this on Figure 1.

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