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#FOAMed Review 30th Edition

Michael Macias

Welcome to the thirtieth edition of the #FOAMed Review! The idea of the FOAMed review is to give you a digestible selection of reliable content from the online EM/CC world that you can fit into your busy weekly schedule. Each review will include highlights from the highest yield blog, podcast, video and web sources around. Over a year's span we will be sure to include topics from all core EM content areas...even the ones that may not be the coolest. Check out our indexing section #FOAMED REVIEW which allows you to view previous weekly reviews by edition or by selecting from CORD curriculum categories.

Onto the FOAMed. 

THE RESPIRATORY DEATH AIRWAY ALGORITHM [BLOG]: What is the proper approach to the airway in hypoxic cardiac arrest? Should we be considering a surgical airway sooner? Great case and discussion here at Pulm Crit

THE APICAL LONG AXIS VIEW [BLOG]: The echo guru provides us with some useful tips for improving your apical long axis view and making you a better bedside echocardiographer. Echo Guru

IS A PREGNANCY TEST NECESSARY PRIOR TO CHEST X-RAY? [BLOG]: A thoughtful, brief post by Jeremy Faust regarding radiation exposure risk in pregnancy and current guidelines for urine pregnancy test prior to XR imaging (there aren't any). Sinai EM

THE HAIR APPOSITION TECHNIQUE [BLOG]: A cost effective, efficient and less painful approach to closing simple scalp lacerations without the need for a return visit. Closing The Gap

More FOAMed. 


NOVEL ANTICOAGULANTS [PODCAST]: Everything you need to know about the novel anticoagulants including indications, mechanism of action, contraindications and more in this two part podcast at St. Emlyn's Blog. Part 1 is here, keep an eye out for part 2 soon. 


INHALED CORTICOSTEROIDS FOR ASTHMA EXACERBATION? [PODCAST]: Per usual, the SGEM with an excellent analysis of a Cochrane review looking at inhaled corticosteroids use in the emergency department for asthma exacerbation. Have a listen here. The SGEM


ORGANOPHOSPHATES  [PODCAST]: A podcast crammed full of toxicology goodness for those looking to improve there toxbase. This is a must listen hereTox Talk


LOW RISK ABDOMINAL TRAUMA IN CHILDREN [BLOG]: Sean Fox with a useful discussion of blunt abdominal trauma in children, who we should be worried about, what we should be looking for and who may not require imaging. Pediatric EM Morsels


CAVERNOUS SINUS THROMBOSIS [BLOG]: A brief update on a diagnosis we don't see all too often but should always keep on our differential diagnosis for headache. Check out the rundown from the pathophysiology to disposition here at EM Docs. 

See you next week. 


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