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#FOAMed Review 29th Edition

Michael Macias

Welcome to the twenty-ninth edition of the #FOAMed Review! The idea of the FOAMed review is to give you a digestible selection of reliable content from the online EM/CC world that you can fit into your busy weekly schedule. 

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#FOAMed Review 5th edition

Michael Macias

Welcome to the fifth edition of the #FOAM Review! The idea of the FOAM review is to give you a digestible selection of reliable content from the online EM/CC world that you can fit into your busy weekly schedule. Each review will include highlights from the highest yield blog, podcast, video and web sources around. Over a year's span we will be sure to include topics from all core EM content areas...even the ones that may not be the coolest. Look out for the #FOAM review curriculum and indexing page in the next few weeks as we continue to update the website! 


THE ICP TUBE [PODCAST]: As part of Scott Weingart's 'Laryngoscope as a Murder Weapon' series, learn the nuance to management of the airway in patients with presumed increased ICP.  

BLUNT HEAD TRAUMA IN CHILDREN [BLOG]: Should all children with isolated LOC after head trauma get a CT? You may want to reconsider after reading EMNerd's post on new data from PECARN. This is definitely worth a read. 

Original Article Here

Original Article Here

TMJ DISLOCATION [VIDEO]: Fingers growing weak from that attempted TMJ reduction? Innovative trick of the trade = tire out the muscles of mastication. 

ECHO WITH EXPERTS [VIDEO SERIES]: These 4 free echo videos are in a series provided by 123sonography and will make you a better person...or at least better at beside echo in the ED. Email address is required to receive videos but don't fear, they don't send spam. 

More FOAMed.


PEDIATRIC FEVER WITHOUT A SOURCE [PODCAST]: How do you deal with fever without a source in children and how do you sort through the diagnostic work up? Great talk at Emergency Medicine Cases. 


ACUTE EPIGLOTTITIS [BLOG]: Epiglottitis in adults is a real thing! Great case presentation and discussion of management at Boring EM.


HYPOTHERMIA [BLOG]: What do you know about hypothermia? Did you know 'they aren't dead until they're warm and dead?' Do you even know what I am talking about? Click here to learn more about hypothermia pearls

Obstetrics & Gynecology

POST PARTUM HEMORRHAGE [VIDEO]: PPH can be quite the scary subject. Take 5 minutes of your busy day to watch this high yield resource on etiology and management of post partum hemorrhage at EM in 5. Don't be afraid to use manual compression if all else fails! 

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#FOAM review is brought to you by Michael Macias. If you want to recommend content you think should be added to our curriculum, send me an email, I would love to hear from you.