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#FOAMed Review 27th Edition

Michael Macias

By Michael Macias

By Michael Macias

Welcome to the twenty-seventh edition of the #FOAMed Review! The idea of the FOAMed review is to give you a digestible selection of reliable content from the online EM/CC world that you can fit into your busy weekly schedule. Each review will include highlights from the highest yield blog, podcast, video and web sources around. Over a year's span we will be sure to include topics from all core EM content areas...even the ones that may not be the coolest. Check out our indexing section #FOAMED REVIEW which allows you to view previous weekly reviews by edition or by selecting from CORD curriculum categories.

It has been an awesome year for the EM Curious team, thank you to all of the readers for your support!


EXTRA GLOTTIC DEVICES [PODCAST]: An journey through the history of extra glottic devices along with an in depth look into the particular devices we use today. From Taming the SRU.

ULTRASOUND GUIDED CPR [VIDEOCAST]: This isn't the first time you have heard about this concept on EM Curious. Remember, all PEA is not created equal so why should it all be treated the same? Ultrasound Podcast brings us a two part series on the 'how-to'  of ultrasound in cardiac arrest: 

TO BLOOD CULTURE OR NOT [BLOG]: Did you remember to order that life saving blood culture for your patient? Nice evidence based discussion of the utility and potential harm of this common place order. From the EM Resident Blog at WUSTL.

THE FASCIA ILIACA NERVE BLOCK [VIDEO]: Consider a fascia iliaca nerve block for pain control in the next sweet old lady that presents to your ED with a femoral neck fracture. Once you know the anatomy, it should be fairly straight forward. 



ACUTE KIDNEY INJURY [PODCAST]: It's about that time of the year when we need to appreciate the nephron, learn how to protect it during sepsis, and even hear a bit about when it is damaged. FOAMcast brings us the bread and butter and some FOAMed goodness on their most recent podcast


SUBTLE ST ELEVATION  [BLOG]: Dr. Smith's recent post on subtle ST elevation will make you a better clinician but will also scare the &%*@ out of you since you probably have sent home several patient's with minimal ST elevation and thought nothing of it. (Don't worry they did fine.)


NECK TRAUMA  [BLOG]:  The ABCs of neck trauma brought to you by EM Docs, including concerning clinical findings, work up, disposition, and pearls.


THE PATHOMECHANICS OF EXTUBATION FAILURE [BLOG]: Physiology extraordinaire Jon-Emile Kenney discusses the mechanism behind cardiorespiratory collapse post extubation in an effort to help us understand (and hopefully avoid) this situation in the ICU setting.