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Pollster: Delayed Sequence Intubation, what do YOU think?

Michael Macias

RSI is the bread and butter technique use to achieve safe and efficient control of the airway and in a majority of cases is very effective. However in the hypoxic patient that is agitated and cannot be appropriately pre-oxygenated, RSI could very well be a death sentence (or at least a round of chest compressions), if it is not successful on first pass. With the increasing use of the dissociative agent ketamine to assist with pre-oxygenating the difficult hypoxic patient, and the ingenuity of Dr. Scott Weingart, delayed sequence intubation has been born. A very recent study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine is showing very promising results with this innovative airway management technique. 

In light of this recent study, we are interested in taking a peek at the use of DSI in emergency medicine and find out who is using it, if it is successful, and any issues thus far that you have found with the technique.

Our goal  is to use create extremely brief surveys and utilize social media to spread the word and gather as much data as possible! We will then use this data to generate info-graphics to make interpretation of the data easy, fun and lead to generation of new discussions! Check our previous pollster infographics hereThank you for taking the time to help us gather data!

Delayed Sequence Intubation 

Do you support the novel strategy of delayed sequence intubation in the appropriate clinical circumstances? *
Have you used DSI in your practice? *
What dose (mg/kg) of ketamine are you using for dissociation? (If, yes to Q2)
In your personal experience, have you found DSI to be successful? (Defined as significant improvement in pre-intubation oxygen saturation to >92% and without immediate desaturation during apneic period)
Do you perform apneic oxygenation with nasal cannula as part of your DSI strategy?
Role *
Community or academic working environment? *

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