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#FOAMed Review 40th Edition

Michael Macias

By Michael Macias

By Michael Macias

Welcome to the fortieth edition of the #FOAMed Review! The idea of the FOAMed review is to give you a digestible selection of reliable content from the online EM/CC world that you can fit into your busy weekly schedule. Each review will include highlights from the highest yield blog, podcast, video and web sources around. Over a year's span we will be sure to include topics from all core EM content areas...even the ones that may not be the coolest. Check out our indexing section #FOAMED REVIEW which allows you to view previous weekly reviews by edition or by selecting from CORD curriculum categories.

Onto the FOAMed

ALIEN AIRWAYS: NEONATES & SMALL CHILDREN [PODCAST]: The crashing peds patient that needs an airway is uncommon and often frightening. Learn to overcome this fear with some tips and tricks from Dr. Rich Levitan. The ICN

LIGHTHEADED, HYPOTENSIVE, SHOULD YOU GIVE FLUID [BLOG]: Please welcome Hennepin Ultrasound to the FOAMed community! Start off with an interesting case of hypotension, focused on the utility of ultrasound to assist with diagnosis & therapy. Hennepin Ultrasound 

DOES CT CONTRAST CAUSE ACUTE NEPHROPATHY? [BLOG]: Josh Farkas looks at the evidence behind the entity of contrast induced nephropathy. Is our concern over inflated? What evidence do we have to make this link? Check out his post here. Pulm Crit 

THE ED THORACOTOMY [VIDEO]: A Thorocotomy, though is often associated with high morbidity and mortality patients are really sick. Learn about technique, indications, contraindications and when to pull the trigger to perform the procedure here. RCEM FOAMed Network

More FOAMed


WHO NEEDS AN ACUTE PCI? PART I [PODCAST]: Scott Weingart sits down with Steve Smith, ECG guru, to discuss which of our patients need to go straight to the cath labEM Crit 


PEDIATRIC CONCUSSIONS [PODCAST]: The SGEM discusses pediatric concussions and minor head trauma which is a frequent presentation in the ED. What sort of activity precautions should we give to parents? Can hypertonic saline help with headache in these situations? Listen here


MASSIVE HEMOPTYSIS [BLOG]: Check out the new site First 10 EM. The new concept by a Canadian community EM physician focuses on the first 10 minutes of ED management. Check out the post on massive hemoptysis here


ADENOSINE IN REACTIVE AIRWAY DISEASE [BLOG]: We often here that adenosine is contraindicated in patients with reactive airway disease. The pharmacology makes sense and there are case reports of adenosine induced bronchospasm, but like many things in medicine, it's all about assessing the benefit versus the risk. Read on hereALiEM

See you next week